Mineral Wells Trip Ideas

If you haven’t been to Mineral Wells in the last couple of years…or ever…it’s time to plan a road trip. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, a weekend getaway with the girls, or you want to immerse yourself in the history and culture of other places, we have some trip ideas to help you plan an unforgettable weekend vacation. From outdoor adventures to cultural immersion and girls’ getaways, our itineraries are packed with insider tips and hidden gems that even some locals don’t know about.

Check out our list below for some great weekend trip ideas, and be sure to check back regularly as we update it with new suggestions.

Man riding Hydra-flyer

Adventure Weekend 

From hiking, biking, and horseback riding to camping, rock climbing, and axe throwing, our offerings include it all. And if you’re looking for something extra thrilling, we even have hydraflying and helicopter riding experiences – yes, we’ve got it all and then some!

If you are an outdoor adventure lover plan your next adventure weekend in Mineral Wells.

Girls Weekend 

Escape to the charming Mineral Wells, Texas, for an unforgettable girls’ weekend getaway. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes and brimming with Southern hospitality, Mineral Wells offers the perfect setting for relaxation, adventure, and quality time with your best friends.

Discover the ultimate guide for planning your next girl’s getaway weekend in Mineral Wells, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

4 women shopping in Downtown Mineral Wells
Huey Helicopter in Contemplation Garden in Mineral Wells, Texas

Mineral Wells Military History Tour

Mineral Wells’ military history dates back to 1916 and is most known as the training of nearly every helicopter pilot who flew in Vietnam. Plan a weekend to really enjoy the full tour and use our Military History Tour of Mineral Wells guide to plan your visit.

15 Crazy, Weird & Unusual Things to See in Mineral Wells

When your downtown boasts a massive sign that says, “Home of Crazy”, you have to expect to see some truly weird and quirky things. Plan an extraordinary adventure through Mineral Wells, and you’ll encounter 15 mind-boggling, eccentric, and utterly unique attractions.

bath with towels and bottle of Crazy conditioner

Experience the Waters

In the 1920s, Mineral Wells gained nationwide recognition for its renowned “healing” waters, attracting wellness enthusiasts from all over the country.

From the revitalizing mineral baths to the delightfully eccentric crazy beers and sodas, something new and exciting is always on the horizon.