Why Crazy

Why Crazy collage of businesses and crazy products

Folks coming into town may find it odd to see “Crazy” all over the place. They may even wonder if they’re in Mineral Wells, Texas or Crazy, Texas. As far as we can tell, there’s no Crazy, Texas. So, what’s with all the crazy businesses and events in Mineral Wells? Well, it all started with one woman whose name we don’t even know.

Crazy Woman’s Well

According to the tale, a woman in the town, who was perceived by locals as somewhat eccentric or crazy, had a habit of frequently drinking from a specific well. Unsurprisingly, the children in the area quickly dubbed it the “Crazy Woman’s Well,” drawing from the woman’s perceived crazy behavior. The “Crazy” name caught on and became intertwined with the identity of the well.

Over time, the woman showed fewer signs of her previous mental distress, leading many to believe that the water from the well had cured her. As a result, the locals decided to bestow a new name upon the well, giving birth to the moniker “Crazy Water Well.” This change reflected the transformative power attributed to the “Crazy Water ” and solidified Mineral Wells’ well water and reputation as a source of potential healing and restoration.

Crazy Everywhere

The name caught on and soon many businesses were including “crazy” in their names too: Crazy Drugs, Crazy Theatre, Crazy Water Hotel, Crazy This, Crazy That, etc.

Crazy Today

Make a trip into town today and you’ll find it’s still widely used. The Crazy Water Hotel is still here and we’re still bottling our Crazy Water, but now, you’ll also find:

Crazy Sign

We even have a sign stretching across the highway that says “Welcome to Mineral Wells: Home of Crazy.” Read more on the history of the Crazy Sign.

Mineral Wells Crazy Sign

Today, “Crazy” and Crazy Water are still celebrated as an essential part of Mineral Wells’ history and identity. The unique mineral composition of the water continues to attract those seeking a natural approach to wellness. Visitors can indulge in mineral baths, spa treatments, and even take home bottles of Crazy Water to experience its reputed benefits firsthand.

After years of providing generations with the healing powers of the “Crazy” well water, Mineral Wells can now claim the official designation as the Wellness Capital of Texas.