Labyrinths & Gardens

Garden at Clark Gardens

For centuries, labyrinths and gardens have provided a serene atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, and reflection. A simple stroll in the gardens, an intentional walk around the labyrinth, a quiet space in nature to rest, all help to calm and even transform your mind.

From labyrinths to gardens, find your sanctuary here.

Clark Gardens Botanical Park & Labyrinth

Lose yourself as you wander through beautiful gardens with the soothing water features and serene walkways of Clark Gardens. Almost anywhere in this 35-acre oasis is a great spot for quieting your mind and to taking a moment for meditation and reflection.

Clark Gardens peaceful water feature
Clark Gardens water
Clark Gardens Chapel

For a more solemn and sacred moment, step into the chapel where the silence brings comfort and divine wisdom.

Tucked into the west side of the garden among the Historic Tree Trail is a healing labyrinth inviting you to meander it’s gentle path. Spiral to the center and back out again, bringing clarity and balance with each slow step.

Clark Gardens Labyrinth

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National Vietnam War Museum Meditation Gardens and Labyrinths

You might not consider a museum when seeking out a healing setting in nature, but at the National Vietnam War Museum, the gardens were actually installed first. In fact, there are six gardens and two labyrinths on the grounds.

Meditation Garden

A gift from the Parker County Master Gardeners, the Meditation Garden leads guests down meandering stone-lined pathways to a gazebo or one of two labyrinths.

National Vietnam War Museum Meditation Garden
National Vietnam War Museum Labyrinths

As you stroll the garden, you’ll be surrounded by more than 350 native and adapted plantings. Among them, Texas bluebonnets.

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National Vietnam War Museum Garden Faithful Warrior
National Vietnam War Museum Meditation Garden
National Vietnam War Museum Garden
National Vietnam War Museum Contemplation Garden
Contemplation Garden
Vietnam Memorial Wall

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and Prayer Garden

Nestled just a few blocks from downtown is a tranquil prayer garden and grotto. It was built by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church and is open to all seeking a space for respite and prayer. With its gently babbling waterfall, beautiful flora and fauna, stations of the cross, and stones for special intentions, the grotto and prayer garden offer a peaceful retreat for prayer, meditation, and reflection.

Our Lady of Lourdes Prayer Garden
Our Lady of Lourdes Garden Path
Our Lady of Lourdes  Stations of the Cross
Prayer Grotto
Prayer Candles
Prayer Garden

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Come away to Mineral Wells, for a weekend or a season, to find respite from the everyday. To help you plan your next personal retreat, check out 10 Ways to Clear Your Mind & Restore Your Soul. Or if you prefer and retreat where you don’t have to do any of the planning, register for our next Crazy Wellness Retreat.