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Mineral Wells, Texas, is emerging as a new Texas music hub thanks to its outstanding venues and vibrant local artists, attracting a wave of musical talent and enthusiasts. This city’s growing reputation as a music-friendly destination is driven by its diverse music scene and welcoming community atmosphere.

The combination of new and historic venues and the thriving creativity of local musicians has positioned Mineral Wells as a must-visit destination for music lovers across the state. Visitors to Mineral Wells can experience live music in unique settings, surrounded by the town’s rich history and picturesque landscapes, making it an unforgettable musical experience for all.

Music Venues

Mineral Wells, Texas, has transformed into a vibrant music-friendly city, boasting a diverse range of venues including historic buildings like the Crazy Water Hotel Rooftop, trendy new bars and restaurants, lively outdoor stages, and more. This eclectic mix of settings provides music enthusiasts with a dynamic and immersive experience, catering to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences.

Mineral Wells’ music venues are not only renowned for their exceptional settings but also for their commitment to providing a supportive and artist-friendly environment, ensuring musicians have the resources and encouragement they need to thrive.


Mineral Wells boasts a rich and diverse community of talented artists spanning across various genres, showcasing a vibrant local music scene. Our city also aims to attract new artists by offering opportunities to perform in our welcoming venues and leveraging our proximity to Dallas-Fort Worth as a strategic location to connect with other shows, providing a valuable stop to round out an artist’s touring route.

The Mineral Wells community welcomes artists from all genres to come and play in our beautiful and historic city, as our community appreciates and embraces musical diversity, supporting and celebrating all types of music with enthusiasm and open arms.


Mineral Wells Live Advisory Board

Tommy Alverson

Kirby Kissinger-Ingram

Michael Pierce

Cory Crenshaw

Cody Jordan

Robert Snyder

Seth Hobbs

Andrea Kidwell

Michael White

Program Liaison, Brittany Brown, City of Mineral Wells Main Street Manager

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Crazy Concerts on The Rooftop

The Flying Pig Festival

Crazy Water Festival

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