Mineral Wells Crazy Sign

Mineral Wells Crazy sign - 1200x600

Spanning Hwy 180 in downtown Mineral Wells is a large green sign with the curious words “Welcome to Mineral Wells: Home of Crazy”. Why “Crazy”?

Well, the origin story of “Crazy” started after the dig of the third mineral water well when Mineral Wells was in its heyday. Read our “Why Crazy” page to learn how all this craziness started.


Though the sign you see today isn’t the original but a reproduction, the history of both signs is quite interesting. Installed in 1933, the original sign extended over a segment of the Bankhead Highway just a couple blocks from where it now stands. At the time, it was one of only two commercial signs permitted to span a Texas highway. In fact, it required special permission from the Texas Highway Department. The porcelain-paneled sign greeted visitors for 25 years before it was removed in 1958.


In 2017, the Mineral Wells Leadership Class 24 chose to have the sign reproduced as their class project. To raise the necessary $125,000, they hosted golf and bowling tournaments and sought donations from individuals. They commissioned Legacy Signs of Texas out of Fort Worth to build the new sign. The reproduction was constructed of aluminum panels and LED lights. Listen to their story on how they made the new “Crazy” sign come to fruition.

The Crazy Water sign

On March 13, 2020, the magnificent sign was hoisted up 19 feet into the air and once again welcomed those traveling west on Highway 180 in downtown Mineral Wells.

Come out and see the sign for yourself and snap a selfie. And while you are here check out some of our Top 10 Instagram-able Spots in Mineral Wells.