Delve into the town’s rich history by visiting the Historic Famous Water Drinking Pavilion, where you can taste the legendary Crazy Water and explore the early 1900s ambiance. For outdoor enthusiasts, Lake Mineral Wells State Park offers hiking, rock climbing, and water sports in a stunning natural setting. Don’t miss a trip to the Baker Hotel, an iconic landmark that has captured imaginations for decades. Additionally, antique shops and boutiques in the downtown area offer delightful shopping experiences.

Blue Oval Car Barn

Love classic cars? Visit the Blue Oval Car Barn, where a stunning collection of classic cars awaits to transport you back in time.

Clark Gardens 

Clark Gardens Botanical Park offers visitors a texas size display of the most beautiful native plants and flowers found in Texas. Come see for yourself!

Hatchet House

Try your hand at urban axe (or knife) throwing.
Don’t know how? No problem. The gang at Hatchet House love teaching new throwers. Check out their How-To Video and see for yourself.