Blue Oval Car Barn

Discover the automotive passion of Finley Ledbetter, a devoted 1971 Mustang enthusiast since 1973. With a rich history of over 50 restorations, acquisitions, inspections, and sales, Ledbetter is a seasoned authority in the classic car realm. Boasting ownership of around 60 high-performance vehicles, his collection includes one of the nation’s largest assemblies of 1971 Mustangs.

Step into automotive history at The Blue Oval Car Barn, strategically housed in a former car dealer’s showroom in the charming town of Mineral Wells, Texas. Ledbetter’s dedication to preserving and showcasing these iconic vehicles is evident in every carefully curated detail of this unique automotive haven. Explore the legacy of the 1971 Mustang and more in a setting that echoes the golden era of classic cars.

Visit them on your next trip to Mineral Wells or get a sneak peek at the Blue Oval Car Barn gallery.