The Famous Mineral Water Company

Step into history at The Famous Mineral Water Company where the early 1900s come to life. The friendly staff will immerse you in Mineral Wells’ rich history and invite you to sample Crazy Water’s various levels, sparking your curiosity about its many uses.

You can take home the goodness of Crazy Water 1-4 in bottles or fill your own jugs. There’s even a sample pack for those seeking variety. If you prefer fizzy drinks, try Crazy Fizz in charming glass bottles, or indulge your sweet tooth with made-to-order Crazy Soda or Crazy Crème soda, available in delightful flavors.

For a satisfying snack, grab some Crazy Sprouted Nuts, a healthy and delicious option. Don’t forget to pamper your skin with Crazy Water-infused soaps and lotions, bringing a touch of spa-like luxury to your daily routine.

While souvenirs like T-shirts, caps, decorative signs, and vintage postcards may not contain the water, they capture the essence of your visit.

Visiting the Famous Water Drinking Pavilion is an immersive journey through time and taste, offering history, unique waters, and charming souvenirs to remember Mineral Wells by.

Crazy Water Lotion. oil and soap

209 NW 6th St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067