From Hidden Gem to Travel Hotspot: Mineral Wells Clinches Four Texas Travel Awards

Drum roll please! Mineral Wells swept the Texas Travel Awards winning not just one, not two, but a whopping four amazing awards! Mineral Wells is winning big in outdoor adventure, under-the-radar activities, visitor center excellence, and an epic downtown revitalization. These prestigious honors recognize Mineral Wells for its outstanding outdoor adventure, hidden gem activities, top-notch visitor center, and the impressive revitalization of our downtown area. Buckle up as we dive into the details and uncover why Mineral Wells is a must-visit destination.

Best Destination for Outdoor Adventure

Mineral Wells truly stands out as a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. With three state parks, four lakes, and over 30 miles of hiking and biking trails, this small city offers endless opportunities for adventure. From exhilarating rock climbing at Lake Mineral Wells State Park to tubing down the picturesque Brazos River, there’s no shortage of thrilling experiences. Delve into fossil exploration at the fascinating and award-winning Mineral Wells Fossil Park or immerse yourself in guided stargazing sessions amidst the state parks. For the more adventurous, embarking on a multi-day camping trip in any of our state parks promises a memory-making adventure.

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Best Under the Radar Activity

One of the hidden gems of Mineral Wells is the renowned Mineral Wells Fossil Park. This unique attraction invites visitors of all ages to embark on a fascinating fossil-hunting adventure. The park is home to a wealth of 300-billion-year-old fossils from the Pennsylvanian Era, waiting to be discovered. The best part? The fossils are yours to keep! Equipped with a bucket and small gardening tools, guests can explore the park and uncover ancient treasures. While digging is less productive, simply scanning the surface after a good rain often yields remarkable findings. Don’t miss the annual Crazy Fossil Dig event, where experts from the Dallas Paleontological Society provide insights and help identify your discoveries.

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Best Visitor Center

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The new Mineral Wells Visitor Center redefines the concept of a visitor center, earning it the title of the best in its category. Housed in the historic Poston’s Dry Goods building in downtown Mineral Wells, the visitor center provides an immersive experience for travelers and locals alike. The center comprises four distinct areas that showcase the city’s rich heritage and attractions. Explore the historic Poston’s Cashier Station, complete with a story panel depicting the unique cables overhead. Discover a wealth of tourism information, including maps, visit guides, event details, and trip itineraries. Admire and purchase art from local artists in the Art Gallery Wall. Lastly, the Souvenir Shop displays merchandise that not only serves as souvenirs but also weaves stories that inspire travelers to explore Mineral Wells’ attractions.

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Best Revitalization

  1. Mineral Wells has experienced a remarkable revitalization, earning recognition for breathing new life into its historic downtown. Once a thriving vacation destination renowned for its healing mineral waters, the town faced challenges after the closure of the military base and the iconic Baker Hotel. However, after half a century, the city is witnessing a resurgence. The Baker Hotel is undergoing extensive renovations, set to reopen as a luxurious hotel and spa resort. Additionally, over 50 new small businesses have found a home in previously vacant historic buildings. With hopes of rekindling the town’s tourism industry, the historic Crazy Water Hotel has already become a popular draw for visitors.

*You can take a video tour HERE.

From thrilling outdoor escapades to unearthing ancient fossils, exploring our unique visitor center, and witnessing the remarkable revitalization, Mineral Wells is brimming with experiences that will leave you in awe. Now, it’s your turn to plan your own Mineral Wells adventure and see what all the excitement is about!

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