Virtual Historic Tour of Mineral Wells

Mineral Wells is a city built on mineral-enriched waters. We’ve hailed wanderers from far and wide, people in search of health, healing, and relaxation. Once known as “America’s Great Health Resort”, we hosted celebrities like Judy Garland, Mary Martin, and Will Rogers. Join us on this virtual historic tour of Mineral Wells, a 5-part video series sharing the stories of our past and revealing bits of our exciting future. History is full of towns that were built around water, but Mineral Wells actually became famous for their water. People traveled from all over the nation seeking healing from the water and socialize around it.


In this video, we’ll chat with local historian Phil Garrett and owner of the Crazy Water Bottling Company about Mineral Wells’ crazy history as the place “Where America Drinks Its Way to Health.”

Military History

Mineral Wells holds a significant place in military history. Nearly every helicopter pilot who flew in the Vietnam War was trained here. A few notable pilots and infantrymen include Audie Murphy and Kris Kristofferson.

Join Jim Messinger, founder of the National Vietnam War Museum and Mary Creighton, local military historian as we chat about Mineral Wells’ rich military history.

The “Other” Crossroads of America

Did you know there’s an intersection in Texas made up of one road that runs from Canada to Mexico and one that run from California to Washington D.C.? There is, and it’s in the heart of Mineral Wells, Texas.

Home of Crazy Sign

Though not much is known about the history of the original Crazy Sign, a revitalized downtown Mineral Wells wouldn’t be complete without it. Hear from the group of locals that raised the funds to have a replica built and placed back in downtown.

The Famous Welcome Sign

Mineral Wells’ famous WELCOME sign is the second of two iconic, historic signs to be restored in as many years. And if you think the WELCOME sign looks a lot like the HOLLYWOOD sign, well, there’s good reason. Hear about the sign’s legendary history and restoration from those who gave the sign new life.